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Since 1987, Foamation Inc. has been concocting tons of fun with a few ounces of foam. We have actually built an international reputation for making fun stuff for teams, organizations and companies who want to stand out from the crowd. From Hollywood props to promotional items, we've created tons of fun stuff over the years. If you, your team, company, client, or organization has a need for a fun identity enhancer - drop us a line at:

to assist you with your creative ideas and mold it into a reality!

For over 30 years, Foamation has been designing and crafting molds and models for hundreds of products made of flexible, adaptable and resistant polyurethane. With our polyurethanes, urethane foams and urethane elastomers, we offer a broad spectrum of durometers and densities to fit almost any purpose. The properties of polyurethane make it perfect for applications which require: 

  • Abrasion resistance - better than rubber, plastic or metal
  • Tear resistance - between 500-100 lbs./linear inch
  • Weather/Temperature resistance - use from 200° down -90° F
  • Electrical Insulation - great for wire and cables
  • Oil and Solvent Resistance - get it dirty, even gasoline won't harm it
  • Flexibility - retains its rigidity and returns to its original shape after being bent, squished and pressed

Send us some of the 'basics' to:

and a member of our Custom Products Development Team will contact you to discuss your project needs.

Foamation will NOT buy your idea (nor will we steal it).

Get your foam masterpiece started by getting in touch with us today!